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River Rocks – Tools for Poems and Stories

I was recently away at a poetry retreat in Burnt River. A wonderful getaway that turned out to be the best vacation I've had in a long time – thanks to the finest and purest river in Ontario and great poets for company and inspiration. 

After so much immersion in poetry, I came home feeling refreshed and oddly gung-ho to switch gears and start writing some fiction.

In what ways do poetry and fiction overlap? Here are some poetry tools and ways to transfer some of these tools into the world of fiction. 

Some Poetry Tools Some Fiction Tools  Make sure you include concrete objects. Concrete objects expand to amount to a setting. (Some poets say: location, location, location! So the difference here is perhaps a matter of magnitude.)Try to write about an "occasion" – however small it might be. Occasion is a tricky word - I don't mean Christmas or anything like that (although you could write about Christmas) – but whatever it is, it’s someth…