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What’s New?

Well, I’m working on a poetry manuscript. It’s going along well. Just about finished the first round of editing. (I still don't have a title for the collection yet.)You have to be very Zen when you’re editing, because there’s no rushing through the process. If something’s not working, you just have to keep searching. Sometimes it seems like I’m on a goose chase trying to track down the right word or words. And if it’s a fairly big change, you have to let it sit for a few days – to see if it’s still working when you pick it back up again. I’m not sure you can ever be 100% objective about your own work, but you can be more or less objective.
What else is new? I’m all set to be a first-reader for one of my friend’s novellas – looking forward to that. Just have to print out all the pages and put aside an evening for it.
There are tons of literary events going on right now:
I’m excited about the Quattro Books launch on October 24. An old friend that I haven’t seen in ages is going to go …