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Inside a Writing Process + Getting Around a Psychological Block

Everyone has a different writing process. Over time, of course, some methods grow stale and new "systems" take over.


I like to write first drafts of poems in the company of other poets. We read our favourite poems and then dive in and write for 45 minutes or so, and then we share what we've written. It also helps that these writing sessions take place early in the morning, before the inner critic is awake.

I usually write whatever I feel attracted to write about...and I don't worry too much about the result. That comes later when I transcribe what I've written and have a look to see what material I have. Sometimes the very things that I thought were working during the writing process are flat, while other bits and pieces that I wrote that I thought weren't working become the actual material that seems to have some energy in it.

In terms of editing, sometimes it doesn't work to just keep moving the original words around. I have to basically start fr…