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Travelling Adventures of the Mind

There are no travelling adventures in my future. But while I stick at home – friends are preparing to go to India and beyond – and one is already on a year long trip around the world. This is when the imagination must kick in, so that I too can have a taste of other worlds.

I was editing an art book this weekend, and many of the photos that will be included in the book are thought to be some of the most sacred works of art in the world – they are said to contain hidden knowledge for anyone who is open and ready to receive it.

The Sphinx is one such work of art. Staring at a photo on a computer is not going to cut it. You have to be there in person to feel the impact of the Sphinx – or so I've been told.
People have been known to weep in front of great art – like Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night. The Chartres Cathedral is another work of art that I've been told I have to see before I die.

Exactly when do my travel adventures begin? Perhaps a poetry book inspired by great wo…