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Guest Blogger Mike Lummis Reviews Heart Strings, a New Canadian Musical

Heart Strings, written by Reynold Nathaniel, is essentially a love story. Love is the prevailing emotion. Love of family, love of friends, romantic love and love of music.
Set in Ireland in the summer of 1908, the majority of the cast are called upon to perform with an Irish brogue. The actors do well with the accents and there are plenty of Irish references from whiskey to stew. The costumes create a sense of the period.
It is inspiring to see a cast give their all to a new piece of Canadian theatre. The play is directed by David Ludwig, a seasoned actor who has appeared at Stratford Shakespeare Festival. Heart Strings is Ludwig’s first directing job and he directs with skill and ease. The play flows smoothly, the blocking is crisp and the actors are clearly guided by a sure hand.
Lead actor Garth Wigle re-located all the way from Cornwall to perform in the show. He did so out of his love for the theatre. Wigle plays Sir William, who orders the prized Phonolistz Violina, a remarkable …