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What two fabulous poets have to say + an invite

The launch is not too far away for my LyricalMyrical chapbook, This Cabin. Read what two fabulous poets have to say about it:

This Cabin, by Lisa young, is a collection of spare and striking poems that jump right in, investigating the tension between being in the moment, and being in the mind. As the title implies, the poems are rich with specificity, detail, and the struggles between getting away and coming home. In a Rumi-esque manner, the narrator "welcomes whatever comes," be it encountering the personalities of caterpillars, or washing a small pot; be it rushing with a "mad-hatter to do list" or "seeing the sunrise / for the first time in a year." Young keeps the reader searching as well, punctuating images of the mundane with spontaneous questions, "How do you fall in step ... Without forcing something?" The reader is invited to pause with the narrator and ask, "How do I live enough ... Without scraping my knees." Young sprinkles…

A Lyricalmyrical chapbook, a collage & a whole lot of thanks

A June launch for my chapbook is nothing short of fortuitous. Getaways are what summer is all about, and This Cabin definitely pays homage to the great escape.
Some of the poems were written over last summer and fall, when I had the chance to soak up some sun and gear way down. There are some winter poems in there too. You can’t forget winter.
It’s no good launching alone. It’s no fun. Happily, Pat Connors and Brenda Clews will also be launching Lyricalmyrical chapbooks on the same night.
I’m in the process of experiencing some serious anticipation of the event. Luciano Iacobelli, who’s the publisher at Lyricalmyrical, will be hosting the evening at Q Space.
Q Space is not only home to many reading series in the city, it’s also home to Quattro Books. Yes, their office is in the back. Yes, Q Space is a cafĂ©, a bookstore and (depending on the night) also a bar. I couldn’t ask for a better place to launch a chapbook.
Lyricalmyrical chapbooks are all handmade. When does a poet get a chan…