What two fabulous poets have to say + an invite

The launch is not too far away for my LyricalMyrical chapbook, This Cabin. Read what two fabulous poets have to say about it:

This Cabin, by Lisa young, is a collection of spare and striking poems that jump right in, investigating the tension between being in the moment, and being in the mind. As the title implies, the poems are rich with specificity, detail, and the struggles between getting away and coming home. In a Rumi-esque manner, the narrator "welcomes whatever comes," be it encountering the personalities of caterpillars, or washing a small pot; be it rushing with a "mad-hatter to do list" or "seeing the sunrise / for the first time in a year." Young keeps the reader searching as well, punctuating images of the mundane with spontaneous questions, "How do you fall in step ... Without forcing something?" The reader is invited to pause with the narrator and ask, "How do I live enough ... Without scraping my knees." Young sprinkles everyday events with startling insights, "Nothing is as good as now." Like the bees dance in one of the poems, these poems both hum with yearning and home right in. These are deeply satisfying poems, that ring clear and resonate. "Maybe that's why we like / to put our nose to the glass / and look in" with wonder to This Cabin.Kate Marshall Flaherty
In Lisa Young's poems getting lost is a search, a daily walk is a quest, small mishaps are a road to meaning and self-deprecation leads to the palace of wisdom. Her verse contains the crunch of leaves, the sigh of breezes, swaying grass and the dance of a lone bee. She excels at one of poetry's key magical acts: fashioning silence into words.Stephen Humphrey

The chapbook is edited by Allan Briesmaster (the same editor who edited my full length collection, When the Earth). The cover painting was done by local artist Mike Lummis.

Come on out to the launch, Thursday, June 13th. I'm launching with two other wonderful poets, Brenda Clews and Pat Connors. Here's the invite:

Click here to go to the event page.

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