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Editing Session Revealed…

Poetry editing is such a huge topic that I’ve been procrastinating writing about it. Where to begin? What to cover? Well, let’s start with a poem I’m editing that has some ants in it.
Editing Session to Figure Out What to Do with the Ants: Usually, when I come across a poem that includes ants, I think, oh no, not ants again. The writer was sitting in the grass and saw ants and had nothing else to write about, so the ants got in there. Plus, ants are such a clichĂ© — we're like them: small, exposed to all kinds of twisted fates.
Find Poems that Cover Your Subject Matter What I like about the poem —Failing in the Presence of Ants— is that it does the unexpected — it reveres the ants — not to mention it’s just well written — and if something’s working, whether it’s about ants or not, it doesn’t really matter — all is forgiven. Finding poems that cover your subject matter is a good way to see how other poets are handling what you find difficult.
Do Your Research Okay, so I’m trying to po…