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Q&A with poet Michael Fraser

I didn’t have to challenge myself. Numerous challenges emerged on their own.

BIOGRAPHICAL INFO: Michael Fraser has been published in numerous national and international anthologies and journals including:Paris Atlantic,Arc, CV2, andThe Caribbean Writer. He wonARC’s Reader’s Choice award for 2012, and was included in the Best Canadian Poetry in English 2013. He wonFreeFall’s 2014 and 2015 Poetry Contests. His latest book isTo Greet Yourself Arriving (Tightrope Books). He is the creator and former director of the Plasticine Poetry Series. 
Michael’s second collection of poetryTo Greet Yourself Arrivingwas recently published by Tightrope Books. As the title suggests, this collection explores self-awareness, fragmented selves, and the best self. Some of the poems are portraits of people who have accomplished rare achievements, such as Bob Marley, Joe Frazier, Maya Angelou and Barack Obama. With each poem, the reader is immersed in rich imagery and surprising metaphors. To Greet Yourself A…