Quiet now.....Moosecall #8

I'm feeling pretty quiet - in need of hiding away - turtle-style. It's my introverted side rearing its head. But that's okay - I don't really have time to hibernate - but whether I'm out and about or not - the feeling is with me - quiet. Even in the busyness. What I've been slow to accept is that the life of an editor means always being busy. Hello denial. I kept thinking if I could just get a handle on things - it wouldn't be so busy. Wrong. After almost six years as an editor, I'm starting to realize busyness is a way of life. I mean of course all the deadlines that surprise, surprise, never stop.

Writing of course has deadlines - I guess all of life is a kind of deadline. But the thing is, I'm learning to accept my lifestyle/career. I don't run around telling everyone I'm busy (as much). I'm not constantly surprised anymore by the piles and piles of paper on my desk. Eventually the deadlines get done and the paper is recycled and the process begins again. Somewhat like washing the dishes or doing the laundry - it will never be done.

What keeps things sane is that I work from home. What also keeps me sane is writing. This Thursday night I went to my Moosemeat meeting. Once you get 12 to 14 people's feedback on your writing you have a pretty good idea of what you did right and what can be improved. And now it's official - we're launching a chapbook this June 10th. I can't wait.

Fiction is not my first love  or it is  but it's been a rocky relationship. That's what makes having a story published in a chapbook so sweet. Heather Wood leads these projects and it's amazing how she organizes and produces these chapbooks. This is the eighth Moosemeat chapbook to date. We are one big herd  so it's not easy to keep us in line.

There are a lot of literary events coming up that I don't want to miss. Spring/Summer is here. No traipsing out into the freezing cold to a reading or a book launch. Heather Wood is launching her novel Roll With It. I really liked Fortune Cookie, so I'm looking forward to reading her new book. It didn't take her that long to write. If I'm recalling correctly, Heather only started writing it last year. That's an impressive turnaround! 

A new reading series has started up  The Beautiful and the Damned. I want to check that out too. And I still haven't been to a Hot-Sauced Words night.

The 2nd Quattro Books Launch of the season is also upon on us  this Tuesday, May 17 at the Supermarket! Readings start at 7:30 p.m. Two fantastic novellas: Shrinking Violets, by Heidi Greco; and The Panic Button, by Koom Kankesan. Two stunning poetry collections: Strong Bread, by Giovanna Riccio; and Rough Wilderness, by Rosemary Aubert.

One of my friend's friends is starting a new poetry series  but I don't think I'll be able to make it out to the first one. Here's the info about the new poetry series:

 MAY 15/11, 7-9 PM
AT COVERNOTES tea and coffee house
10268 Yonge St., Richmond Hill
and wonderful open mike surprises
(sign-up 7 PM)

The flowers are out everywhere  trees blooming pink, white and bright green. The hearts in the back garden have arrived  and the columbines are budding  the magnolias bursting. How can you not be feeling good when you walk along the street and see tulips in almost every front garden?

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