The Reading Bug

I’ve caught the reading bug lately…ferociously consuming books like so many handfuls of candy. I’m glad to get back to this kind of diet. (I’d been depriving myself unnecessarily.)

The whole “e-book” versus “real book” discussion has flared up again in the media. I have to say, for me, books are it! Yes I want an e-reader – but I want my books too. I love the idea of a book almost as much as the story waiting inside. A book is simply a divine thing. It really is and I seriously can’t see the book not being in my future. I mean, aren’t record players coming back? Even if the book went away – it would come back – of course it would.

Books are my friends. I remember one summer I went up north to work in Muskoka. Along with packing my fluorescent bathing suit (this was the early 90s when the 80s’ fashions were still kicking around), I brought a huge cardboard box of books.

Books were my security blanket. Who knew if I would like my new job? My co-worker was a “he” and we’d be stuck sharing a cottage for the whole summer.  If he turned out to be a complete nightmare, I’d have books to keep me company. 

My co-worker turned out to be my future husband and together we read all the books in the box.

I've been meaning to read To the Lighthouse. Finally did over Christmas. A dozen other fantastically tasty books were also consumed. 

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