Moosecall #9

It's Moosemeat time again. I will be reading one of my new stories. I like to begin with a quote that relates to what I'm going to read. Here are the quotes I found...(but I've decided to use a quote from Fight Club).

It is never too late to become what you might have been.
~George Eliot

How full of trifles everything is! It is only one's thoughts that fill a room with something more than furniture. ~Wallace Stevens

It may have happened, it may not have happened but it could have happened. 
~Mark Twain

There are chapters in every life which are seldom read and certainly not aloud. ~Carol Shields

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered. ~Nelson Mandela

A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it. ~Jean de La Fontaine

There is a limit to how much you can change to be liked for who you really are. ~Robert Brault,

Basically we are all looking for someone who knows who we are and will break it to us gently. ~Robert Brault

There is an eternal landscape, a geography of the soul; we search for its outlines all our lives.  ~Josephine Hart

Looking forward to hearing all the other Moosemeat offerings. 

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