Staycation – a writing holiday

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I haven't had a staycation for 9 years. A whole week at home to write was just something I hadn't been able to organize...too many other demands on my "holiday" time. But this year, it finally happened! I am at home writing a chapter a day for a novel I'm working on. What a wonderful schedule. Three meals, some chores and some writing. How great is that?

Sitting on my back deck yesterday, I realized that I've turned into the kind of person I used to envy. I'd hear about writers staying up all night, eating donuts, drinking Red Bull and writing their novel and I'd think, I WISH I was writing a novel. Now I finally am. I finally know what it feels like. Except there's no Red Bull, just iced coffee, and no donuts, just the occasional nectarine.

After writing a chapter, I've basically filled my quota. That leaves a lot of downtime to fill for the rest of the day, even if I do have a few errands to run etc. Suddenly, I have a lot of time. This is a wonderful feeling.

Now all I need is a really good beach read.

Happy Summer to all.

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