Speaking Engagement at WriteNow!@King

I'm going to be speaking to the fine writers' group, WriteNow!@King, in King City. In order to prepare, I've been researching resources for writers  what a treat! I never seem to make time for researching all the opportunities for writers to get connected with their readers. I'm happily overwhelmed by the abundance of free services out there  from Goodreads and shelfari to the good old fashioned Writer's Market. It's good to get reacquainted with some of these resources and expand my knowledge of who's who in the publishing industry.

I will be talking about Quattro Books and why the novella is the perfect form for writers and readers. I'll also be talking about Existere  the literary journal  and how my work as a poetry and fiction editor there has expanded my knowledge and experience as a writer. Can't wait!

You’re invited! An evening with Lisa Young
On Thursday, April 28 at 7:00 p.m.
At the King City Library
1970 King Rd, King City.
Free (hat may be passed)

The King City Library can be reached by exiting off the 400 going east on King Road, past Jane St., past Keele St. about two blocks. It is on the north side across from the High School.

I will be reading a few of my poems  "In Praise of the Night Table" after P.K. Page's "Planet Earth"...Here's Page's gorgeous poem...

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