Getting the ball rolling...

Where do ideas come from? Woody Allen apparently has a million ideas coming to him 24/7. If one idea gets some feet and starts running – well, he has a screenplay in no time. Ideas must be lining up right outside his brain waiting to get in and get their chance.

I’ve never been one to buy into that whole “what if” exercise – the famous writer’s tool.“What if” never yields a thing for me. But it’s been a while since I tried – so let’s see.
A Brainstorming Session of “What Ifs”:
  1. What if the floor lamp keeled over and the bulb busted and glass went everywhere? I’d have to get up and clean it and I’d probably end up going to bed as soon as I was done cleaning up.
  2. What if time stopped? I’d be stuck living a Monday night for the rest of my life.
  3. What if this house started growing and an attic appeared and I went up into it and found a world where everything was just as I wanted it?
  4. What if sports were banned? What if TV were banned? What if it were illegal to go to a movie? People would start making their own movies and we’d possibly have better movies available than ever before.
  5. What if my face fell off and everyone else’s face fell off and no one knew who anyone else was?
  6. What if I knew how to shrink down in size to the point where I could disappear and wander around as an invisible speck?
  7. What if the sun came out in the middle of the night? And some kind of god came down to earth to fix us all up?
“What if” keeps wanting to be asked. It’s now like an addiction I don’t want to stop...

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